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Whether you are a person of faith, a corporate employee, or someone who is looking to change careers or find a career after retirement, there are moments when you need some guidance in finding your purpose. Through my memoirs, Running the Good Race and Through the Eyes of a Fisherman and, Need Direction? Ask God, I narrate the eventful moments of my life and reveal the valuable lessons I have learned along the way. Ultimately, it is my sincerest wish that by reading my memoirs, you will discover a thing or two about pursuing your passion and overcoming whatever challenges come your way.

Lessons Learned

Award-winning author, Dennis Blue, brings a unique and insightful perspective to finding purpose in life. Honed by his extensive world travel, work experiences, entrepreneurship, and faith, he brings reason and clarity to many of the day-to-day issues that we face in a rapidly changing world.

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Running the Good Race

Need Direction? Ask God.

Through the Eyes of a Fisherman

In the Process of Reading my Books, Readers will:​​

  • Discover God has a plan for their life
  • Learn key skills in starting a business
  • Turn doubt into a plan for the future
  • Develop self-confidence in their ability
  • Replace work with passion
  • Live each day as a witness for Christ
  • Prioritize goals for family, social and work life
  • Find meaning and purpose in everything they do
  • Gain a broader perspective of the world they live in
  • Realize everyone is unique and has a story to tell

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Through the Eyes of a Fisherman by Dennis Blue

Through the Eyes of a Fisherman

by Dennis Blue

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