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About the Author

Award-winning author, Dennis Blue, brings a unique and insightful perspective to finding purpose in life. Honed by his extensive world travel, work experiences, entrepreneurship, and faith, he brings reason and clarity to many of the day-to-day issues that we face in a rapidly changing world.

​Growing up on a farm, Dennis learned religious values that have guided his life. After graduating from Michigan State University (BA/Economics), he joined the Ford Motor Company. There ensued 30 years of corporate work. His wife Dorothy and children, Luanne and Dennis, lived around the world, fourteen of which while assigned to Ford operations in Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. Retiring from Ford in 1988, Dennis immediately began his own fishing business, True Blue Sport Fishing, guiding fishing expeditions throughout the US, and Central and South America. Dennis and Dorothy are the grandparents of six and now live again in native Michigan.

Our Story

Through my books, my goal has been to turn faith into reality. I trust you will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. “I want you, the reader, to experience what my wife Dorothy and I affectionately call ‘Our Open Door Policy.’ God directed our lives through doors he opened for us and turned our faith into our reality. Our story can be your story – if you let yourself be led through the open doors.”

An Idea is Born

With the encouragement of my daughter, Luanne, I embarked on a writing career in 2016. Relying on hundreds of photos, pilot flight logs, and customer contact lists, I made a tentative start. My first book, Running the Good Race, was self-published December 7, 2017, and recounts my life until retirement from Ford in 1988. My award-winning second book, Through the Eyes of a Fisherman, was released July 27, 2018, and covers my twenty-eight-year career as a charter captain. Need Direction? Ask God, the third in my series of books was released July 15, 2021, and has received numerous 5 Star reviews on Amazon.