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Book Reviews


Spiritual and practical Wisdom from a broad life deeply lived

Denny Blue has lived experiences that most of us couldn't hope to pack into three lifetimes. His first thirty years were rising through the ranks of Ford's international and aerospace divisions, while working in many glamorous and often challenging countries. The next thirty years were running his own business as owner and captain of charter fishing boats in Michigan and Florida. Now, after 88 years, he is working through those issues that arise during the last years of life when we prepare to meet Eternity

None of Denny's successes were guaranteed. He grew up on a struggling farm during the Great Depression. He experienced the inexplicable early deaths of close relatives. He faced physical threats from militant labor unions in South America. Now he is the caregiver to his beloved and formerly dynamic wife Dottie, who is fading into life's twilight of Alzheimer's.

Thus, when Denny talks about his spiritual principles of prayer, purpose, perspective, passion, and patience, he is speaking with the authority of one who has put these principles into practice to smooth his way forward in extremely provoking circumstances. This book is written in the humble words of wisdom than Denny speaks in person. Powerful by example, but not preachy.

I also enjoyed learning about the practical ways that Denny solved problems in corporate and personal business. The two principles of most value to me were "perspective" and "patience," because those are the ones, I am weakest on. By learning from Denny's real-life examples of putting these principles into practice, I am doing better with my life's challenges.

Denny has lived the lives that many of us dream about --- rising through the ranks of one of the world's great corporations, then running his own business, and finally retiring after 60 years of business to assist his family with their needs. I think he probably wrote this book because he has accumulated a lifetime of wisdom --- really equivalent to three well-lived lifetimes --- and feels compelled to pass it on. He does that in a gentle and interesting way, that made me want to take the lessons of his experiences to heart. His experiences living in many glamorous and difficult countries made me excited to keep turning the pages.

A fascinating story of spiritual and practical wisdom from a broad life deeply lived.

Alan, July 2021


Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Need Direction? Ask God: Five Biblical Principles for Turbulent Times is a work of non-fiction in the religious and motivational sub-genres and was penned by author Dennis Blue. The work is intended for the Christian reading audience. It contains the real-life story of the author’s own tragic experiences in life, as well as an account of how he utilized core principles fr​om the Bible to overcome obstacles and improve his sense of inner fulfillment. What results is a highly fascinating memoir and guidance work that is sure to keep readers turning pages as they too become inspired to ask for God’s wisdom in turbulent times.

Author Dennis Blue has crafted a heartfelt and emotional work of non-fiction with plenty of sage advice and spiritual guidance to offer readers. One of the features I found particularly impressive about this piece was the author himself and his attitude to the twists and turns that led him from the busy life of an executive to the quiet idylls of fishing. This is a metaphor for the tranquility Dennis Blue purports and achieves within his writing, and it is a sense of peace that many readers will undoubtedly want to learn how to achieve. The advice and guidance given alongside Blue’s anecdotes provide practical and straightforward help, intending that you start small and stick to the plan until positive progress slowly tips the scale. Overall, I would highly recommend Need Direction? Ask God to fans of confident and honest narrators, books about healing and coping through faith, and Christian readers everywhere. August 4, 2021


This is a story filled with amazing descriptions of time and place, interesting characters and wonderful stories of triumph. Not to mention a few fishing experiences that piqued m interest. "Running the Good Race" is an impressive account of one couple's journey together; guided by strong Christian faith and unbridled energy."---Jonathan Herbert, award-winning writer, Gasparilla Gazette, July 2018


I received this book as part of a goodreads giveaway. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was really intrigued by Dennis' career and travels with Ford. I loved how he followed God's path for him and incorporated a lifetime of giving back into his career. The ministry as well as the story of his family and path at Ford were really entertaining and thought provoking. I enjoyed this book and was glad I had an opportunity to read it. ---Jennifer Hall


Dennis presents a story of adventure and purpose in his book, a purpose much deeper than I ever expected. After learning how much flying meant to Dennis and how he used his personal aircraft in his missionary work ---LT COL Rick Hagelthorn, Michigan Air National Guard, Retired.


This sportsman’s memoir is directed by an uplifting, positive tone.

Dennis Blue’s religious memoir Through the Eyes of a Fisherman follows his second career as a charter boat captain after working at Ford Motor Company. This sportsman's memoir is directed by an uplifting, positive tone--- Foreword Clarion Review. 


Running the Good Race is a captivating memoir about traipsing the globe and a life of faith.

Dennis Blue’s memoir Running the Good Race concerns his rich life spent in corporate America, traveling abroad, following his faith, and establishing his own fishing business after retirement---

Foreword Clarion Reviews


If you’ve ever experienced those times in your life when you’ve suffered insurmountable troubles and confrontations, that if you become more like the author, you too can put these things aside and out of your mind from reading about the lessons he’s learned. For wanting to increase the faith of his readers, by using himself as the prime example, I’m delighted to give Mr. Blue the 5 STARS he deserves. Robin leigh Morgan--Top Contributor--True Crimes Books.


This is a story of a faithful friend and his experiences in life. He is a charter fisherman who will find you good fish along with good company on the voyage. He and his family share their experiences in travel, fishing and work. An easy page turner that will stay in your heart for ever.---Susan Carlson


I found this book to be one of the best books I have ever read. Being a chaplain for the past 35 years that puts it in line with many books that I have enjoyed over my life-time.I found the book to be very honest, filled with adventure, integrity, love, carrying for others, personal tragedy, success, a deep love for God and His ministry, the list could go on and on. At times I wondered if I was reading a book or watching a movie with so many interesting scenes and stages of life.I believe one of the most important illustrations in the book is how Dennis lived his faith in all the areas of his life, including family, work and pleasure. The people who will enjoy this book the most are those who need encouragement in living their faith everyday and everywhere.---Chaplin Billy Watson


Denny Blue has led an interesting life, and he tells some of the highlights here in an open, engaging style.---Steve Szilvagyi


Janice rated it 4 STAR---really liked it. How fun to read Dennis Blue's recollections about learning to be a charter captain and fishing in the waters of Florida, the Great Lakes, Bahamas, etc. He is detailed in his descriptions and I believe he could probably recall each fish he has ever caught if you ask him. His fishing stories are believable and enjoyable. This memoir will be a treasure for all his family and friends.---Goodreads Review November 1, 2018


Mary rated it 5 STAR---it was amazing, Great read.---Goodreads Review November 1, 2018


It's amazing! Dennis seems to remember the exact date for every single occurrence in his life, from relocating between countries, to meeting new friends, to unexpected fishing/flying mishaps. And the details are incredible. Surprisingly the book does not drag. It's all interesting to read. If you have the time. :) And there are many pictures of friends and acquaintances throughout the years, as well as aerials from flying in Venezuela, the many boats they owned from place to place, fishing prizes, and more. The book is written in such a way as to seem almost like a journal, if in a freehand font. It doesn't have the polish some books have, but it doesn't need it. This book tells of Dennis' life working for Ford, fishing every possible chance, and having the faith to follow God's leading. The Blond Book Worm, Christian Small Business, Book Crash Review, April, 2018


Curt rated it 4 STAR, I really liked it. In Through the Eyes of a Fisherman, Dennis Blue gives insights into his natural, spiritual, and fishing lives, and how they are integrated. Blue writes well, though sometimes with too much detail, about his actions and thoughts from his “retirement” to following his passion of fishing for a living (to which many people may relate). It is a good book to read at home, or on a boat. Through the Eyes of a Fisherman is one of those books where one is glad the author took the time to write their experiences. Good Reads Review, November 2018


Through the Eyes of a Fisherman is an exceptional memoir about fishing faith and guidance for finding your purpose. Author Dennis Blue writes with undeniable passion on every page of this all-inspiring book. His contagious spirit and unwavering faith bring the reader inside his world of successes and failures all the while entrusting his natural instincts when encountering friends and clients around the world. "If you wish to know a person's true character, take them fishing."---Jonathan Herbert, award-winning writer, Gasparilla Gazette, January 2019.


Ruthie Mast rated it 4 STAR and really liked it. This book is an autobiography by Dennis Blue, of his "retirement years". He left the Ford Motor Company at the age of 65 and started a charter fishing business in Michigan, and a second one in Florida, that kept him constantly on the go. This book covers from then til present day. His years of childhood and with Ford are recounted in his first book, Running the Good Race. I enjoyed reading this book. Not a fisher myself, I was entertained and enlightened by his tales. For instance, salmon are abundant in Lake Michigan which surprised me as I thought them to be river fish; some people are so dedicated to fishing that they will fly to another country to do what they do every day at home; and you should NEVER stand up when your companion is in the midst of casting a fly! I found the book to be written well, not dragging, and not overwhelming with all the information. Dennis lived a full life, running his businesses fairly and incorporating the many life lessons he learned along the way. A challenge that struck me while reading this book is how Dennis considered every stage in his life as his ministry. Even this book is written with that in mind. He and his wife would make decisions such as moving or changing/tweaking careers in a step-by-step manner, looking for opened or closed doors to tell them whether it was God's plan for them. I received a copy of this book from BOOKCRASH, and was not required to write a positive review. March 15, 2019.


Congratulations to author Dennis Blue! He has received the 2019 Christian Indie Award in the business category for Through the eyes of a Fisherman. Dennis is truly one of those authors who is a pleasure to work with. He brought much thoughtfulness to bear on his task and we are so proud to see his efforts rewarded. Denis Ledoux, The Memoir Network, April 30, 2019.

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